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Sunflower Supreme Replacement Heifer Program

Kansas cow-calf producers in more locations can enroll; improving management techniques and marketability is goal

Producers who would like to market bred heifers at special sponsored sales in Southeast Kansas and coming November of 2018 to Salina at the Farmers and Ranchers Livestock Market - please contact us for more information or your local area agricultural agent.  Begin making plans for your upcoming weaned calf crop!!

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Welcome to the Sunflower Supreme Heifer Program

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The Sunflower Supreme Replacement Heifer Program is a joint effort between K-State Research and Extension and the Kansas Department of Agriculture to provide research-based best management protocols for beef cattle producers.  This program is for Kansas producers who want to improve their management techniques and marketability of heifers.

With the reduction in total cows numbers occurring in the United States, cattle producers who offer a value-added product have the opportunity to be at the fore-front of filling this void in cow numbers.

The purpose of this program is to provide cattle producers “best management” guidelines for replacement heifers and provide educational opportunities for improvement in revenue, reproductive success, and longevity within their cattle operation.

Producers involved in this program will work with their veterinarian, local extension agent, and livestock markets to generate a quality product for sale, but

The primary areas of emphasis in this program include:

  • Vaccination and health guidelines
  • Reproductive management tools to improve breeding success
  • Evaluation of sires to minimize calving difficulty
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Data collection and management for improved herd records

This website will provide information on the program requirements and contact information for your local Ag Extension agent and current research to help with management decisions.

Updated calendar for management

A new version of the interactive calendar has been added to the website under the documents tab. This calendar allows you to input the dates for your operation in regards to breeding and weaning dates, and the program will calculate the dates you need to complete each management step.

This is a great tool to use regardless of if you are involved in the Sunflower Supreme program.